Qianlong Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. located in Chongqing Beibei District, Chongqing Industrial Park with TongXing a registered capital of 10 million.The company occupies 60 acres, the factory open terrain and quiet environment, green shade.Company in December 2009 the whole again through the National Food and Drug Administration re-register the production of medicinal packaging materials for licensing.

Established in 2004, originally located in Shapingba Gele, the registered capital of 5 million. As the company continues to expand production scale, in Oct. 2006 as a whole move in the same Chongqing Industrial Park with TongXing,actual investment 56 million. The company now has senior engineers, senior technicians and other senior professionals in more than high school or above 90% of employees. Company research, production, sales, trade and services as a whole, the product of continuous reform and innovation as the goal, the western region has become the industrys most potential and most modern large-scale enterprises.

Company products and transfusion medicine production enterprises large soft bag and plastic infusion bottle packaging materials package. Professional production of plastic containers used infusion (non-PVC plastic) polypropylene cover and interface combination, non-PVC infusion bag with a polycarbonate plug, plugs and other products dosing.Combined to produce polypropylene lid (pull-ring) 800 million / year polypropylene interfaces 500 million / year, and polycarbonate infusion (dosing) Cyprus 800 million / year. Now our products have independent intellectual property rights over patented products Medical Packaging: one soft bag dosing plug (PC), infusion plug (PC) won the national title in 2004 patented products; in 2005 the company won the National Science and Technology Commission of Chongqing City, the first awarded the title of key new products; 2007, the company has obtained four national utility model patent certificate, 2008, the Chongqing Science and Technology Commission has issued high-tech product certificate (Certificate No. 08B045). Our market share is 30%, the domestic manufacturers to use more than 20 products have been exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions

We are fair, just, mutual aid, competition for the purpose, with strict quality management system, and thoughtful after-sales service standards for business survival. The company is to continue the rapid development of high-tech enterprise, toward the brands and first-class business goals

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